We have received a lot of favourable comments in the Press, both in the UK and abroad. Here are some of them.


Frank Bruni of The New York Times said: ” There were fresh local scallops, and they were presented in a distinctive way, with not only the puck-shaped main muscle present but also the roe, a fleshy appendage reminiscent in texture and taste to a lobster claw, only brinier. I loved it. ”     See more of the article here: [link to file]

In  The Observer Jay Rayner said: ” The menu at the Summer Isles Hotel is a blessing for those who can’t make up their minds. And yes, it was worth the 700-mile trip.”

The Observer Food Magazine in 2010 placed us first in a list of the top 20 places to eat in Britain with a spectacular view.

The Press & Journal in a review published in January 2013 included the words: “From the best local fish to chocolate orange tart and sampling cheeses from Tain to Dumfries – if ever you want to impress a foodie, the Summer Isles Hotel is the place to come.”