Bird Watching In the Area

Scotland has a fantastic range of beautiful bird species that make the country’s stunning landscapes their home.

From huge predators prowling the skies, nimble grouse navigating heather-clad moorlands to cheerful songbirds nestling in tranquil woodland there are so many stunning species to spot throughout Scotland.

So bring your binoculars, bird book, walking boots and waterproof clothing, order your packed lunch with us and you are ready to discover bird species like shags, cormorants, puffins, black guillemots, kittiwakes, gannets or fulmars.

If you’re walking or traveling around the hotel there will be opportunities for you to look out for wild birds.  Just which types of birds depends on where you go.  Here are a few examples.


Inland lochs are freshwater, so you’ll see a different mix of bird life here from that you’ll experience on the seashore or a sea loch.  Some will content themselves around the lochside, others actively feed on the fish in the loch itself.  At certain times of year you might see Whooper Swans – and as migration happens there are all sorts of visitors to the area.

Shoreline and Sea Lochs


A Puffin

Right in front of the hotel, by the shore, you’ll be able to see Shags and Cormorants.  Travel a bit further afield and you might see Black Throated Divers, Common Terns or even the occasional Great Skua.  Puffins, if you see them, are well worth observing for a while.

See Cormorants along the shoreline

A Cormorant

Open Country and Woodlands

The woodlands and high ground shelter Ptarmigan and Black Grouse, whilst in general woodland you’ll find Chaffinches, Blue Tits, Coal Tits and many other species.  Keep an eye out for Buzzards.

As for the “huge predators”.  Well Sea Eagles, Golden Eagles and Ospreys are very rare these days, so if you see one of those you’ve captured a very special moment indeed.  Just because they’re rare doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for them!

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