Local Ingredients

The Summer Isles Bar is renowned for serving fresh, wholesome food in a relaxed pub atmosphere. There is a lunch menu and a dinner menu which are both available every day and we also have daily “specials” written up on the blackboard which depend upon what our local suppliers have been able to catch for us.

Freshly Caught

Andy the Diver, who lives about 300 metres from the hotel, lovingly hand picks scallops from the sea-floor in sight of the hotel.  Peter, from round the corner in Polbain, provides lobster, Di supplies us with her homemade dressed crab. Will brings us copious amounts of langoustines, again from the sea within sight of the hotel.  If you’re looking over Badentarbat Bay at the right time, you can probably watch these men catching fish you’ll be eating in the evening.  So when we say “fresh”, we really mean it.

Seafood A Speciality

One of the most popular dishes in the season is the Seafood Platter which features most of the delights described above plus other local seafood.

To find out what’s on the menu on a particular day, you can call the Bar directly during the season:

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