Throughout the 2020 season, our COVID protocol was updated regularly and communicated widely to guests, staff and the local community. The way we operated changed without diluting our core offer of peace, tranquillity, a spectacular setting and wonderful food.

Hopefully, the roll-out of vaccinations will be well advanced by the start of the 2021 season (27th March 2021) and the World will be a safer place. We will watch events carefully and tailor our COVID protocol accordingly. In the meantime, key elements of the 2020 protocol were as follows:

  • The hotel team will be friendly but “sensibly distant” at all times during your stay!
  • All staff will be subject to daily temperature checks.
  • Face coverings will be worn by all staff when “front of house”.
  • Guests will be required to wear face coverings when moving around the hotel and not eating or drinking.
  • The maximum size of any party will be six guests. They should come from no more than two households. Children under 12 will not be counted if they are from within the two households.
  • Until 2nd November 2020, the hotel will be able to serve food and non-alcoholic drinks only in the restaurant and bar. After this, the Scottish Government will introduce a 5-level system with the positioning of each part of the country to be confirmed before 2nd November. Fingers crossed for the Highlands!
  • Occupancy will be restricted to approximately 70% of capacity in order to provide additional “personal space” for our guests in the restaurant and the lounge bar.
  • The Summer Isles Bar will remain closed as it is a small and cosy space that does not lend itself to social distancing.
  • The lounge bar will remain open to guests with non-alcoholic drinks only at present. Both lounge bar and restaurant will close at 10pm
  • All meals will be “to order” with no buffet at breakfast.
  • Dinner will be a set three course menu (with a choice of seafood/fish or meat for the main course) – changing daily. Menus will be printed daily and personal to you.
  • Housekeeping will visit your bedroom by request only.
  • Non-essential items will be removed from bedrooms and public areas such as books, guides and newspapers.
  • The hotel will be regularly sanitised, cleaned, polished with particular attention towards “high touch” areas.