Walk 12 – Sgurr An Fhidleir


From the north west, the peak of the Fiddler’s Peak looks a hopeless proposition for the hill walker, but in fact the summit is reached with comparative ease from the south east, and this walk can be done comfortably in a half day expedition.

Drive to Culnacraig, three and a half miles up the road from Achiltibuie. There is ample parking just before the bridge beyond which the road ends. Your route lies up the broad shoulder banded by the Allt a’Choire Reidh on the north and the Allt nan Coisiche to the south. There is no path, and the going is rough and initially very steep, but in half a mile or so the gradient eases, and you should keep as far as possible to the crest of the ridge. To the left across the one burn rises Bienn nan Caorach and to the left across the other, the long ridge of Ben More Coigach itself ends precipitously where Garbh Choireachann plunges into Loch Broom. After about two miles, the ridge bends a little to the left with the saddle between Sgurr an Fhidlier and Ben Mor Coigach a few hundred feet below to the right. There are no difficulties so long as the eastern crags of the range are avoided, and the ridge ends in a small and spectacular summit (2235 ft) hardly larger than the cairn that tops it. To the north and east drop magnificent rock faces. Far below is Lochan Tuath with Bienn an Eoin beyond, and to the south east the long ridges of Ben Mor Coigach stretching from Bienn Tarsuinn to Garbh Choireachan.

Make your way back by the same route, or head west to the col where the burn Allt a Chore Reidh rises, and take in the summit of Bienn nan Caorach (the Hill of the Sheep) before returning southwest to Culnacraig.
GOING: Steep and rough, but dry and no difficulties.