Walk 14 – Badenscallie And Rugha Dunan


Walk southeast along the road from the hotel, passing the school and going through Polglass. Do not take the road turning down to Badenscallie burn but continue until you come to the next substantial bridge which is over the Allt Ach’a’Bhraighe flowing down from Dubhrach Choire, the Glen of the Stags. Just before the bridge turn right and follow a well-defined track which leads to the Youth Hostel (on the other side of the burn) and to the shore at Rubhan a’Ghille Dhuidh. Across Horse Sound lies Horse Island where there is said to be a herd of wild goat.

Now follow the low cliffs northward to Badenscallie burial ground, taking care when you have to skirt the end of the fences dividing the crofts. At Badenscallie, there is a superb sandy beach. Make your way now, around the next headland, along the shore beyond Polglass, and out towards the point of Rubha Dunan where the cliffs begin to rise again. Inland and just before the point is the reed covered Loch Poll and Dunain, here also is an Iron Age broch, and some ruined cottages at the head of a sheltered little harbour.

From Rubha Dunan the view out to the Summer Isles is magnificent, particularly in the late afternoon light. The largest of the islands, Tanera More, is only a mile offshore here. To the southeast stretches Loch Broom with Beinn Dearg at its head, and to the south and behind Beinn Ghoblach is An Teallach Fheadain on the far side.

Make your way back along the shore towards the hotel, the cliffs seen at close quarters proving far grander than they do from the road. At the cove below the hotel, go through the gate and up the green lane and past the pigsty to the road.
GOING: Roughish along the shore.