Walk 17 – Beinn An Eion: Sgorr Tuath


Start, as for walk 16 but after crossing the Allt Claoaidh climb north west, more or less parallel with the shore of Loch Lurgainn until you are beyond the foot of the Cioch and into the Coire Beinn an Eion. Make your way across the glen over the Allt Coire Beinn an Eion, and up to the steep shoulder of Sgorr Tuath, the North Peak of the mountain. The gradient hardly relents at all until you reach the summit cairn (1928 feet) which stands on the edge of the tremendous crags overlooking Loch Lurgainn. In the other direction, you will see the full sweep of the Coich ridge leading to Sgorr Deas, with Beinn Tarsuinn and Ben Mor Coigach behind.

Make your way along the Sgorr Tuath ridge which offers some of the finest rock scenery in the area – in parts comparable to the Stac Pollaidh ridge but without the crowds that sometimes mar the latter. You pass a splendid sandstone pillar known as the Postmaster. At the end of the ridge strike, left (south) towards the Lochan nestling in the beach this separates the two parts of Beinn an Eoin. Before you reach the lochan bear right down huge steps in the mountainside to join the great west ridge. Ahead you will see the end of Loch Lurgainn, Loch Bad na h’Achlaise and Loch Bad a’Ghaill; to the right is Stac Pollaidh and to the left the great wedge of Sgurr an Fhidleir beyond Sgorr Deas.

Once the main northern crags of Sgorr Tuath are passed, cut down to the right onto the rocky terraces which lie between the mountain and Loch Lurgainn. Your way lies along the foot of the Sgorr Tuath crags and then across the Coire Beinn an Eoin to rejoin your outward route. The going is hard but is redeemed by the magnificent views, first of the Sgorr Tuath and Stac Pollaidh and later of the western face of Cul Beag.