Walk 18 – The Peat Road From Polbain


This walk can be undertaken from the hotel or from the beach below Badentarbat where there is plenty of space to leave a car.

Walk west up the road towards Polbain ignoring the side road to the pier. Before you reach the village, you will find a made-up track joining the road on your right. Take this – it appears to lead back on your route and continue past a cottage, which stands among trees on your right. This track is the old Peat Road leading to the workings high on the moorland.

Continue along it until it ends in the bowl below Meall an Fheadain, the Hill of the Fairies, and Meall na Beiste, Fox Hill.

Make your way due east from the end of the track until you come to the edge of the burn, which joins Loch na Creige Duibhe, and Loch Vatachan. You will pass a splendid waterfall on the way down to Loch Vatachan and you should continue almost to the edge of that loch and then make your way right along its shore until you reach the road, which leads back to Achiltibuie.

DISTANCE: 3 or 5 Miles

GOING: Very easy as far as the end of the Peat Road, thereafter fairly rough and damp but not difficult.