Walk 20 – Loch Oscaig


Drive towards Ullapool and leave the car at the bridge over the River Garvie at the north west corner of Loch Oscaig. Follow the west bank of the Garvie to the loch, and walk along the shore past a small boathouse at its western end. From here on the route, lies over wet moorland and you should keep as near to the loch shore as you can.

There are a number of small burns to be crossed and the hills fall fairly steeply to the southern shores of the loch where there are a number of delightful wooded bays. At the southeastern extremity, leave the shore and make your way over hillocks until you come to the low cliffs, which lie, on this side of the Abhainn Oscaig, which is the short river joining Loch Bad a’Ghaill to Loch Oscaig.
There are stepping-stones but they do not stretch the full way across and it may be necessary to ford at least part of the river. From here, there is a short pull up to the Ullapool road. When you reach the road, turn left, and walk back along it for two miles to the Garvie Bridge.


GOING: Fairly rough with the prospect of a ford towards the end.