Walk 23 – Meall And Fheadain And Meall Na Beiste From Achnahaird


Drive towards Ullapool and at the crossroads at the head of Loch Raa turn left and park the car on the roadside before the bridge.

Walk beside the wall on the far bank of the burn until you come to the edge of the loch and continue along the shore to its end and then head southwest uphill to Creag Dhubh, the Dark Crag (419 feet). From here, you have magnificent views over Achnahaird Bay and Lochs Raa and Vatachan. To the west are Loch na Creige Duibhe and Loch an Beiste, the Loch of the Fox.

From the crag turn south parallel with the shore of Loch na Creige Duibhe and then southwest towards the southern end of the Meall an Fheadain Ridge. Climb to the ridge either at its end (which is boggy) or up one of the gullies that score its eastern flank. From the summit (667 feet), there are magnificent views in all directions.

Make your way along the ridge and down to the Radio Station. From here continue north towards Meall na Beiste (541 feet) and at the very end of the ridge make your way down towards Loch na Beiste. Go along the south-eastern side of the loch and continue northeast across boggy moorland until you strike the road at Achnahaird. From here, it is a short walk back to the car.


GOING: Fairly rough but not difficult