Walk 25 – The Green Loch


Drive towards Ullapool and leave your car in the large car park at the foot of Stac Pollaidh. However, instead of heading up the mountain (walk 6) make your way down to the shore of Loch Lurgainn. There are small beaches and idyllic picnic spots near the mouth of the Allt Tollach, which comes from the Coire Gorm (the green glen) beneath the great western cliffs of Stac Pollaidh.

Cross the burn and follow the shore south and then west. There is a large island close to this northern bank of the loch, another near the south shore, and the splendid ridge of Sgorr Tuath (walk 17) beyond. At the point nearest to the large island turn west, keeping as close as possible to the water, rounding a bay in which there are three islets. Near the head of Loch Lurgainn there is a narrow passage (you can cross it easily if you are feeling athletic) leading to Loch Bad na h-Achlaise, the Green Loch, which can only just be seen from the road. This is a delectable spot with magnificent views all round. Across the water are the twin peaks of Beinn an Eoin with the main Coigach range beyond, and behind you the incomparable Stac Pollaidh.

Continue along the north east shore of the Green Loch until you come to the narrows which join it to Loch Bad a Ghaill, and then make your way more or less due east beside the latter, taking care to avoid the deep holes between many of the boulders. The best route is probably along the rocks at the waters edge. As the loch narrows the hills close in again and the going is easier on a broad natural terrace. Two burns drop to the loch at this eastern end, and you should head up the slope between them to rejoin the road at a spot called Cairn Braes. From here, it is less than a mile back to the car park, downhill all the way.

DISTANCE: 4 ½ Miles

GOING: Fairly easy for the first half, rough in parts on the second.