Walk 4 – Achnahaird Bay To Garvie Bay

Drive along the Ullapool road past Lochs Vatachan and Raa and leave the car where you can near the point where the road forks, the left fork going to Brae of Achnahaird and the right fork going to Ullapool.

Leave the road a few hundred yards in the Ullapool direction and cut down to the river leading to Achnahaird bay, keeping to the eastern shore. Once the riverbank is reached, the going is easy until the cliffs begin. Thereafter, the route becomes rougher with slabs of rock sloping down to the sea. There are fine views across the bay to the cliffs of the Rubha Mor peninsula and the point itself. Keep to the cliff edge round the coves and from the headland, Enard Bay stretches away to the north with the Point of Stoer and its lighthouse on the horizon.

Thereafter the cliffs stretch eastward, the rock formations becoming more and more exciting with weird undercuttings in the sandstone. At the head of a particularly delightful cove is a ruined cottage with fishing nets still hanging in its shed. The turf is short and level and the spot is ideal for a picnic.

The rocks of Rubh’a’Choin are then seen stretching dramatically into Enard Bay, and make sure to walk along the shingle isthmus to the point itself where immense slabs of rock spread eastwards. In the summer sea pinks in the crevices, and the sea sounding in the narrow channels between the slabs. Retrace your steps from the point and continue southeast along the shingle at the foot of the cliffs until you reach the head of a shallow bay where the river rushes down from Loch Garvie. Go through the bracken to the end of the ridge, and then walk up stream and round the shore of the loch, crossing a burn by a plank bridge. Follow the river flowing down from Loch Oscaig, keeping as close as possible to the bank in order to see the falls to best advantage. In the autumn, the grass is golden brown and the rowans are ablaze with berries.

The Ullapool road is reached at a bridge where the river flows out of Loch Oscaig. Turn right along the road, and make your way back to the car, with magnificent views across the loch to Beinn an Eoin, Ben Mor Coigach, the sharp edge of its satellite Sgurr An Fhidleir (The Fiddlers Peak), and Cona Mheall.

DISTANCE: 6.5 Miles
GOING: Easy on the whole.