Walk 5 – Garvie Bay To Lag Na Saille


Drive along the Ullapool road to the bridge at the north west corner of Loch Oscaig where the river Garvie pours down towards Enard Bay. There are plenty of places to leave the car here. Take the east bank of the river and follow it to Loch Garvie and then to the shore at Garvie Bay. The going is rough and can be wet, but the land is boggier still, away from the river. The view takes in many small islands in Enard Bay and the Stoer peninsula.

Turn northeast and continue along the top of the low cliffs with fine rock formations all the way. As the shore turns southeast, the hills at the head of Enard Bay dominate the scene with steep crags plunging to the waterline, beyond which the River Polly, flowing down from Loch Sionascaig, reaches the sea in Polly Bay. At one point, the route crosses the head of a narrow inlet that terminates in a spectacular cavern.

The cliffs are low all the way and gradually Lag Na Saille opens up with a ruined croft at its sheltered north west corner. Continue along the shore of the inner reach of the bay Camas a’ Bhothain until you are close to the hills ahead. Cross the burn coming down from the open moorland and make your way north over rough wet grass and up a steep corridor between the crags before bearing left to the 336 ft summit of Creig Liath, the Grey Gap, from which the view opens up in all directions except the east.

Follow the contours southward passing above the head of Camas a’ Bhothain until once over, the crest of the moor Loch Osgaig comes into view, and the road is reached near the fence of a young plantation. Walk back along the road to the car with Loch Osgaig on your left hand, all the way.


GOING: Easy on the whole, but rough, wet and steep near Creig Liath.