Walk 9 Loch Lurgainn To Gleann Laoigh


Park the car as for walk 8, and start on the same route. At the fork half a mile beyond Lochan Fhionnlaidh, keep going straight ahead, and descend through the Doire Dhiudh to the head of Loch an Doire Dhuibh, the loch of the Dark Wood, with its reddy-brown sand. The path peters out over a low ridge separating the Loch from the river flowing down Gleann Laoigh.

Strike southeast up the glen across tussocky grass keeping close to the river which forces its way through shallow gorges. On the far side rises An Laogh, somewhat overshadowed by Cul Mor, but a good little mountain in its own right. The going is rough – and continues to do so until the end of this walk.

Make your way round the shore of Lochan Dearg to the fine sandy beaches at its head, which provides an excellent spot for a picnic. Then strike right up the left bank of the burn coming down from Cul Beag. (Do not continue up the glen, at least for this walk). The route is consistently steep and rough but provides a dramatic view of the full length of the glen all the way to Knockanrock, and across to Cul Mor, with its second peak, Creag Nan Calman, hiding the principle summit. Beyond a rock gateway the gradient eases, and you should follow the contours across the southeastern flank of Cul Beag, crossing the headwaters of Allt Leathad Doire Ruaidhe. As the view across to Ben Mor Coigach, Sgurr and Fhidleir opens up, you reach the crags dropping from the western flanks of the mountain. Pick your way between these down to the road heading as nearly due west as the lie of the land permits. A short walk along the road brings you back to the starting point.

GOING: Rough and steep except in the early stages, not an afternoon amble.